Do Not Want to Be Wasteful with Wrapping Paper? Wrap Your Gifts with One of These Instead!

As anyone who celebrates the holidays with gifts will tell you, wrapping and presenting gifts to loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season. However, between all the paper used to conceal gifts, the bows used to adorn them, and the tape used to hold everything together, wrapping your holiday gifts can get very wasteful, fast. Make the gifts under your tree a little easier on the environment with these upcycled ideas!

Sheet Music

Play up the traditional feel of classical sheet music by converting it into stylish holiday wrapping paper! All you have to do is pull a few sheets from a music book and wrap your gift like normal. Bonus points are you add a classic red bow!

Potato Chip Bags

It might sound kooky, but you can recycle your potato chip bags into shiny gift wrap! Wash and dry your discarded bags, turn them inside out, and wrap so that the silver metallic side is facing outward. How’s that for a budget-friendly alternative to expensive boutique paper?!

A Map

For an eclectic look under the tree, try wrapping your gifts with a paper map. You can choose a random map from a thrift store or pick up one of your recipient’s hometown or state and add a personal touch to your already-thoughtful gift.

Wrinkled Tissue Paper

If you’re a perfectionist with your gift wrapping, you might consider wrinkled tissue paper unusable in your gift bags. Instead of letting the crinkled parts go to waste, try wrapping your gifts in a few sheets of tissue paper. The result you’ll get is a homey, completely opaque alternative to wrapping paper.

Fabric Scraps

Don’t toss those scraps of mostly-used fabric – repurpose them into cute and cozy wrapping paper! Use it in place of traditional paper and you’ll have a cute, fabric-wrapped gift in no time. Just be sure to use fabric glue in lieu of tape, which won’t hold up when used on fabric.

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